Since the age of 14 I've been playing professionally. Since then I’ve had the opportunity to travel around the globe on multiple occasions to do what I love: Play drums.

I’ve done some notable things, played with some notable artists, and played some large stages to huge audiences as large as 40,000 people. But for me, nothing compares to playing original music with original artists on a stage small enough that the musicians are on top of each other, and the room is small enough that you can look each punter in the eye. That’s the place where performer and punter meet, drawing on each others energy.

I’ve been lucky enough to have these kind of experiences in many places:

America, Japan, Britain, Ireland, France, Scotland, Germany, New Zealand, Singapore, China, New Caledonia, Russia, and of course Australia.

Given that I play both kit and percussion I’m fortunate to find myself playing in a wide range of scenarios. Some days driving the kit behind a grooving soul band, other days playing percussion with an acoustic artist. Or perhaps smashing out some timbales over a DJ set, or playing brushes with a singer song writer. The variety keeps it interesting and new, and i never see myself doing anything but this.

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