Sonor Delite

  1. 1.   8” tom

  2. 2.   10” tom

  3. 3.   12” tom

  4. 4.   14” tom

  5. 5.   13’x5” Earth Snare

  6. 6.   14”x5” Artist Series Snare

  7. 7.    22”x18” Bass Drum

UFIP Cymbals

A.     6” Class Splash

B.     8” Class Splash

C.   16” Blast Hats

D.   16” Bionic Crash

  1. E.   12” Bionic Splash

  2. F.   20” Bionic Ride

  3. G.   19” Blast Crash

  4. H.   16” Class China

  1. 1.   10” LP Timbale

  2. 2.   12” LP Timbale

  3. 3.   10” Snare

  4. 4.   LP Bongos

  5. 5.   LP Congas

  6. 6.   Roland SPD-SX

  7. A.  14” Class Crash

  8. B.  12” Bionic Splash

  9. C.   10” Class Hats

LP Jam Blocks & Bells

Like most drummers I know, I’m a gear nut, a drummer nerd... I have the drummers addiction of collecting random bits of hardware, nuts and bolts, too many cymbals... cymbal felts can be found in every nook and cranny of my house. I don’t ever see an end to this addiction either so i think Ill just have to find bigger spaces to live in.

Over the years I've developed some great relationships with some fantastic companies who I proudly endorse whole heartedly.


I’ve been proudly endorsing Sonor since 1998. My first Sonor kit was the first S-Class Series ever made. German made, birch and maple cross laminated, the combination of which is hard to find today and its the very reason I still have this kit and love it just as much today as the day I got it. I also have a nice “Select Force” series kit which has “hyper drive” toms (super shallow) and has both 18” and 22”x20” bass drums. The 18” is surprisingly big sounding so I use it for lots of small club gigs.... but my fave kit is my German made Delite. Shallow (fast) toms, vintage maple shells with reinforced hoops, sounds awesome. I have both 20” and 22” bass drums for this kit and I’m always hard pressed to choose which to take out as they are equally amazing.


I’ve been endorsed by UFIP since my first tour of USA in 2000. Made in Italy, the UFIP range speaks for it self. I challenge anyone to compare them side by side and not be impressed! Although not considered one of the “big three” I believe them to be the “only ones”.


I first started using SilverFox sticks 2004, and since then have used nothing else. They are relatively new in Australia but in USA they made a name for themselves in the drum core scene so you can be assured they are well balanced and can take a beating! They also have a nice range of mallets, brushes, and hotrod style sticks.


Tony Italia and Billy Warnock down at drum partner have been looking out for me for many years. They distribute high end musical gear, often harder to find in Australia and it’s because of DrumPartner that I play the gear I do.


When it comes to electronic percussion, there really is no one better than Roland. Their entire line of kits and pads are second to none. The SPD-S and more recent SPD-SX have been the first choice of drummers worldwide when looking to ad their own loops and samples to their set up. The Handsonic series is still yet to be superseded since its release so long ago and to date, there is still no competition to it. Both of these units have a permanent place in my set ups.


Australian designed and built, the WoodSkin cajon is a unique take on the increasingly popular cajon market. Its built in kick pedal makes it perfect for just about any gig and frees up my hands so I can play congas, shakers, or anything else for that matter... oh and it sounds amazing!

UFIP Cymbals

A.    14” Class Crash

B.    12” Bionic Splash

C.   10” Class Hats